DDG Believes All His Haters Are “Ten Times Broker” Amid Kankan Beef

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If you’re not getting RIAA certifications of flexing seven-digit account numbers, DDG doesn’t want to hear your hate. Moreover, the rapper recently faced a spat with fellow MC Kankan, who called the former’s new track “f***ing a**.” In response, the YouTube star searched for the underground rhymer in the RIAA’s list of certifications, found nothing, and posted a screenshot of it above his tweet. Whether you think his rap career has been corny or creative, it’s no secret that he’s on the rise. As such, he also expressed on the social media platform that he won’t respond to criticism that’s not coming from his level of success.

“I only get hated on by n***as that’s 10x broker than me,” DDG tweeted. “From now on if u can’t show at least million cash liquid in your account i’m not responding to anything negative.” Unfortunately for him, a lot of shade thrown his way stems from circumstances outside of his rap career. For one, his relationship with Halle Bailey fell under much speculation and scrutiny recently as breakup rumors surged. Still, they seemed to persevere through it all, despite the heavy toll it takes to be so discussed on social media, as The Little Mermaid star expressed.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned in dating when it comes to dating in the public eye, is that everybody’s gonna have an opinion about you, whether it’s good or bad,” she reflected concerning her relationship with DDG. In fact, some referred to him as an “E-list rapper” after rumors swirled, adding insult to injury. At least he laughed it off and clearly continued to hone his talents. “I’ve had this since I was younger,” Bailey continued. “I think because I’ve grown up, kind of in the public eye, people think they have this sort of… I don’t know, that they can say what they feel about my life. Like they do with everyone in the public eye. But I’ve realized, for me, I just go with my heart.

“It’s hard when you’re in the public eye because social media is also a part of your work, it’s a big part of what I do!” she went on. “I have to set healthy boundaries for myself, ‘cuz just like anyone, if you see all these people saying whatever they want about you, your life, what you choose to decide… That could take a toll on anyone, so I just have to choose to step aside and not look at any of that. Just live in the real world. That’s what makes me happy.” For more news and the latest updates on DDG, come back to HNHH.

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